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Welcome to the Creepy Mailbox!

We put the 'care' in 'scare'!

What on Earth is our purpose?
Well. We like recieving things in the post from strangers. Not things like soiled underwear and dead animals (although, different strokes etc), but nice things that we might like. We're a bit unusual. We like things done a different way, and perhaps we march to a different drum beat. We don't like care packages. 'Care package' sounds like something your mother sends you when you've just left for University, full of things you'd purposefully left behind. They sound wholesome. Perhaps they would contain home-cooked biscuits and extra-warm thermal underwear. No thanks, we prefere our post to be a little bit more interesting. We put the 'care' in 'scare'!

So, what exactly do we do again?
We trade "s-care packages" (i.e. small boxes full of nice things) according to different themes, usually of a gothic/spooky nature (but not necessarily!). Our members either chose who they fancy swapping with, or The Powers That Be partner them up with someone else who's interested in sending/recieving a s-care package of the same theme.

Rules (boring, yes, but without rules there would be chaos)


  1. In order to recieve a s-care package, you must be prepared to send one. A set amount of money, weight or number of items can be agreed upon outside of the community, if liked. The packages don't have to be sent at the same time either, as long as those involved in the transaction are in agreement.

  2. Off-topic posts are welcome, as long as they are vaguely in keeping with the community spirit.

  3. Only one picture may be posted outside of an LJ cut. We're dial-up friendly in these parts. Details of how to do this can be found in the LJ FAQ.

  4. Feel free to post an advert for a specific trade (i.e. "anyone want to do a Band X clippings trade?" or "anyone up for an EGL/Japanese fashion themed swap?" or "I fancy a non-themed swap with someone from another country/Country X. Any takers?" or even "Anyone want to do five-quid gothy swap?".

  5. We're nebby, nosy bastards and we want to see what you got! Feel free to take pictures and publicly thank your swap-buddy. It lets us all know what a jolly good swap-buddy they were, and will encourage others to get involved with the swapping fun. Entries with pictures will be added to the memories, and work as an internal feedback system (i.e. before you agree to do a trade, you can have a peek at their previous s-care package creations).

  6. Please always get proof of purchase from the Post Office (details of how to do this can be found in the FAQ). In the event of a package going amiss, proof of purchase can be used to prevent you from getting your bum banned and will make it easier for the Post Office people to try and rectify the situation. If something does go astray and proof of purchaise was not obtained, it is up to that person to rectify the situation (by either sending a replacement s-care package, or returning the one they recieved).


  1. This is not a buy-sell-trade community. We don't care about your eBay auctions or direct sales so please don't post them - even if they are of goffick interest. Equally, this is not a great new way to get shot of all the crap you've been unable to sell on elsewhere. Don't try and trade your knacky crap for a super-spooky s-care package, because you will get banned and everyone will hate you.

  2. You must apply for membership before you can post/join in with the fun. Sales journals, or journals that are clearly not in use (or under two months old) will not be accepted. This community will only work if the members can trust each other. If you look a bit shady, we won't let you in. Much like bouncers at a West End club night. Feel free to email the mods if you're unsure as to why you were not accepted.

  3. Sorry to be crap, but by agreeing to trade care packages, you are confirming that you are 16 years of age or over. You do not have to be 16 to join the community.

  4. If you need to back out of a swap, do so as soon as possible. If the other person has already sent you a s-care package you must either send it back, send them the equivilent cash or cough up the s-care package fun. Failure to do so will result in hardcore banning of your unorganized arse.

  5. Live Journal does not allow the buying, selling or trading of illegally copied CDs, DVDs and games. Please respect this rule out of respect for our humble community. Failure to do so could get us shut down. We'd all know it was you and would throw oranges at your journal out of spite.

  6. Please, don't initiate yourself into the community with empty "hi I'm new!" posts, as they bore me to tears.

  7. Please check the age of the person you are swapping packages with before you start to compile it. Do not send innapropriate items to minors (i.e. alcohol, cigarettes, DVDs that are highly rated, scratch cards, things of a sexual nature, photographs of yourself without clothes on, etc), or else we shall all call you 'Peodo Phil' and you'll get banned.

  8. Community promo must be cleared with the mods first to make sure it doesn't suck.

Finally, remember that good communication is the secret to all working relationships. Keep talking to each other until the transaction has been completed. Any problems or delays should be shared with your swap-buddy as soon as possible.

The Powers That Be
vashe  - aliceslater666[at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk
miz_persicket  -
dope_hat  - dopehat666 [at] gmail [dot] com

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